Ralph Levesque


20″ x 16″ 


I have the gift of a child-like mind that enables me to see patterns, rhythmic constructs in nature and its spiritual essence. I am a romantic visual poet, aware that all designs and symbols are inspired by nature. Therefore, I am not concerned with producing copied images of nature but seek to find beauty within the concrete, beyond the material level.

Instinctively and unconsciously I seek the essence of universal beauty and the intrinsic force of nature. Using materials natural and man-made, old and new, discarded and recycled, I discover their hidden nature. The underlying reality of matter is always changing, moving and re-presenting itself.

My works are doorways from distant, past civilizations and places unknown, pointing to the yet-to-be discovered realms. The elements of time and movement reveal past and future cycles of the universe and appear to be recognizable but forgotten (lingering) memories.


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