Gray Jacobik

A June Bouquet

Oil on ACM panel
18” x 18”


I love being alive and throughout all of my (now long) life what has truly excited me is learning about society, nature, how things work, and most of all, how to create a thing: a house, garden, strong poem, book, work of art.

For me painting has involved mastering the craft by exploring the traditions of painting and by studying up close all kind of extant works in museums, galleries, and private homes. Also important to me is learning about art history, current critical thinking, tools, materials and their application, all in the hope that one day, I might actually create a ‘work of art’ that will if only momentarily take one’s breath away.

I believe ‘it matters not who the singer be, only that the song be sung.’ Even if I don’t achieve this objective, it’s a glorious striving nonetheless, one that absorbs my mind, energy, spirit, my ‘days and ways’. Even a slight glance from you completes my work.


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