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  • The Painted Doors of Branford
    Open Air Art Walk on Main Street
    BHS Scholarship Fundraiser
    Nov 7 & 8 10am-4pm
    View, Vote People’s Choice, bid or buy over 70 pieces of art created on life-size doors by professional, amatuer, youth and organizations…show our 2020 loyalty to local business. Support 2020 Arts Education as aspiring high school dancers, musicians, actors, artists and writers plan their dream futures. A Covid Compliant event.

    2020 NEW & SAFE VIEW!!!

    Virtual Art Tour

    GO View Public Art *OUTDOORS. Check out the life size sculptures at: _James Blackstone Memorial Library- _The Branford Green, South Side at Montowese & South Main Streets
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  • Welcome to the Branford Arts Alliance!


  • The Branford Arts and Cultural Alliance will encourage and promote the arts and cultural activities within the Town of Branford and will have the following mission :

    a) Encourage and support public participation in the performing, literary and visual arts.
    b) Organize artistic and cultural activities and events that will provide opportunities for local artists and literary practitioners to present their work to the public
    c) Support opportunities for Branford’s artistic community to interact with each other, and
    d) Develop opportunities for artists to work with the youth of Branford

    BACA has a unique role as convener, organizer, promoter and supporter of the arts in Branford, and as such, can provide an important service to the entire community.